40th Anniversary Tickets

April 13, 2013 at 7:00pm
Georgetown University Law Center
600 New Jersey Ave NW
Washington, DC 20001
United States
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We can't wait to see you at the 40th Anniversary! Please fill out the fields below to purchase tickets for the shows & reception, the brunch, or the whole package.  While exact locations and final timing is still being finalized, the ticketed elements, all at Georgetown University Law Center, are expected to be:

  • GG&SS's Trial by Jury & Jack Marshall's Gilbert & Sullivan are Alive and Well (and Laughing at GULC), definitely at 7pm on April 13 in Hart Auditorium (formerly known as the Moot Courtroom)
  • The Gala Reception following the shows at around 9:30pm on April 13
  • A Brunch, with a piano should anyone care to sing, ~11am on April 14 

(PLEASE NOTE:  We're offering discounted tickets for current students and recent Alumni of GULC or GG&SS for whom the full price would be a financial hardship (if you have that big firm job, help us subsidize those who don't by paying full price).  Anyone who did their first show with GG&SS in 2008 or later or graduated from GULC in 2008 or later are welcome to purchase discounted rather than full price tickets.  And if even the discounted prices are too much for a furloughed government employee or unemployed recent graduate, please drop us a note via the contact page and we'll work something out.)

Aaron Blaschke Rowden Rebecca Marie Brooke Pearson Mary Ann Korona David Ketter David Ketter David Ennis Devon Nicoll Oviedo Jose Luis Oviedo Harry Anastopulos Tyler Clemons Micah T Redfield Sarah Russell-Hunter Kelsey Hutcheson Tyler Hale Gavin Fallow Laura Brandt Selena Anker Sara Daniel Antonella Montagna Dania Palanker Eamon Sherlock Amy Gura Melissa Meyer Cain Norris Emily Poor William James Munoz Kiera Bloore Michael Beder Davia Craumer Kathy Fuller Grant Marshall Sue Lawshe Joshua Parker Stephanie Wesley Michael Johnson Emily Gouillart Judy Bain Patrick Miller Wendy Stengel Alexei Michalenko Sreelekha Amoruso Melissa Jurgens Jack Marshall Pablo Zylberglait Jeffrey Asjes Laura and Tom Duncombe Laura Maul

Will you come?

$250.00 40th Anniversary Gala Weekend Sponsor
Underwrite the 40th Anniversary and receive a ticket to Saturday's show, the Gala reception, Sunday's Brunch and our very public thanks (in the program, on the website and from the podium) for your support!

$125.00 Weekend Package
A ticket to Saturday's show and Gala reception and Sunday's brunch.

$80.00 Gala Only
A ticket to Saturday's show and the Gala reception

$60.00 Just the Brunch
A ticket to Sunday's brunch

$80.00 Discount Weekend Package
A ticket to Saturday's show and Gala reception and Sunday's brunch, discounted for our recent alums.

$40.00 Discounted Gala
A ticket to Saturday's show and the Gala reception, discounted for our recent alums.

$40.00 Discounted Brunch
A ticket to Sunday's brunch, discounted for our recent alums.