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In an effort to get the Myron L. Dale Production Fund off to a great start, we are looking for Advance Gifts that can be announced at the 40th Anniversary Gala.  A theatrical production is a collective endeavor and, with that in mind, we've established a number of collective fundraising efforts and encourage you to give to one, two or all of those to which you belong.

Give early and often, links to each group page below:

Plank-Owners: all those involved in the first Trial by Jury (’73), the first Pirates of Penzance (’74), the first Iolanthe (’75), the first Patience (’76), and the second Trial by Jury (’76). 

The Carter Years:  the first HMS Pinafore (’77), the third Trial by Jury (’77), the first Mikado (’78), the first play - the first The Real Inspector Hound (’78), the fourth Trial by Jury (’78) and the first revue, the first Ruddigore (’79), the fifth Trial by Jury (’79) and But Not for Me, the second Pirates (’80), and the sixth Trial by Jury (’80).

Reagan’s First Term: the second Iolanthe (’81), the seventh Trial by Jury (’81) and Cox & Box, the first Gondoliers (’82), the first Twelve Angry Men (’82), the eighth Trial by Jury (’82) and second Real Inspector Hound (’82), the second Pinafore (’83), the ninth Trial by Jury (’83) and Schubert’s Last Serenade, the second Patience (’84), and G&S Goes Broadway.

Reagan’s Second Term: the second Mikado (’85), GG&SS’s first musical - Little Mary Sunshine, the third Iolanthe (’86), the first God (’86), our first Sondheim: Company, the second Gondoliers (’87), the tenth Trial by Jury (’87), the first Guys and Dolls (’87), the third Pirates (’88), and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

The First BushVanities, the second Ruddigore (’89), Bye-Bye Birdie, Sexual Perversity in Chicago, the third Pinafore (’90), South Pacific, and the second Twelve Angry Men (’91), the fourth Iolanthe (’91), the first Anything Goes (’91), the third Mikado (’92), the eleventh Trial by Jury (’92) and Grease.

Clinton’s First Term: the 20th Anniversary Gala, The (great white) Wiz, The Normal Heart, the third Patience (’94), Pippin, Isn’t It Romantic, the fourth Pirates (’95), our second Sondheim - Sweeny Todd, Rumors, our first (and only) Princess Ida (’96), and School House Rock Live.

Clinton’s Second Term: Inherit the Wind, the third Ruddigore (’97), Kiss me Kate, The Mousetrap, the fourth Pinafore (’98) and the 25th Anniversary, the third Sondheim and first Into the Woods (’98), the first Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (’99), the fifth Iolanthe (’99), West Side Story, the first A Midsummer’s Night Dream (’00), the fourth Mikado (’00), and the second Guys and Dolls (’00). 

The Second Bush’s First Term: The Crucible, the twelfth Trial by Jury and Chamber Music, Fiddler on the Roof, Much Ado About Nothing, the fifth Pirates (’02), the first Chicago (’02), Arcadia, the third Gondoliers (’03), City of Angels, Skin of our Teeth, the fifth Pinafore (’04), and How to Succeed in Business (without Really Trying)

The Second Bush’s Second Term: The Importance of Being Earnest, the fifth Mikado (’05), Cabaret, Picasso at the Lapin Agile with Welcome to the Moon, the first (and only) Yeoman of the Guard, the second Into the Woods (’06), Bobby Gould in Hell & the second God (’07), the fourth Patience (’07), the second Anything Goes (’07), All in the Timing, the sixth Pirates (’08), and Urinetown.

The Obama YearsUndiscovered Country, the fourth Ruddigore (’09), the fifth Sondheim - Merrily We Roll Along, Romeo & Juliet, the sixth Pinafore (’10), the second Chicago (’10), the second A Midsummer Night’s Dream (’11), the first (and only) Sorcerer (’11), Curtains, the second Rosencranz and Guildenstern are Dead (’12), the sixth Mikado (’12), The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Cloud 9, and the thirteenth Trial By Jury and Gilbert & Sullivan are Alive and Well (and Laughing at GULC)

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